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Following the tremendous success of Aviation Carbon 2012, which attracted over 300 delegates from 62 countries including representatives from 110 airlines and business jet operators, Aviation Carbon 2013 will take place on February 19-20.

The recent 'stop the clock' proposal by the European Commission to suspend intercontinental flights from the EU ETS for one year has been welcomed by many but it has major implications for all airlines and business jet operators, regardless of nationality, as well as for the carbon markets.

Aviation Carbon 2013 is timed perfectly to allow all stakeholders to learn about the status, consequences and impact of the proposal, and at the same time receive practical advice and the latest up-to-date information on administrative issues and trading in the carbon markets.

Aviation is about to face a landmark year as efforts towards a global carbon scheme gather pace at ICAO. Aviation Carbon 2013 will bring delegates up to speed on progress and inform them on what such a scheme might look like. 

Aviation Carbon 2013 will consist of panel sessions that bring together recognised experts on the following topics:

  • EU ETS and the implications of 'stopping the clock'
  • Update on carbon markets
  • Update and perspectives of the Competent Authorities
  • Best trading strategies for airlines
  • Best trading strategies for small emitters
  • Carbon trading experience from the operators
  • KYC & credit risk
  • Registries & Phase III regulations
  • Prospects for an ICAO global MBM scheme
  • Free Consultation Workshop
  • Carbon offsetting

Confirmed participants